Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I share the passion for shoes with many of my fellow humans, Imelda Marcos, for one! So I thought I would have a look at shoe shops as my next topic.

Most of my shoes were bought in Clark’s1 but they no longer manufacture their shoes in the UK and they also have shops in the US, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain, so they are a MNC and I can’t use them for the duration of this experiment.

Russell and Bromley 2&3 is a family firm only operating in the UK.  So I can buy shoes there if the 35 pairs in my wardrobe wear out suddenly!

Schuh4 seems to carry very trendy shoes and have very trendy prices to go with them but I can’t shop there as they have four stores in Eire, making them multinational.

Shoezone5 operates at the cheaper end of the market but it has shops in Eire too.

Just for fun I tried looking up Manolo Blanik6, I didn’t realise he is Spanish but he does not have a shop in the UK but I could buy his shoes for as little as £150 in Liberty’s of London or Harvey Nichols if I want to shatter all my anti-multinational principles.  Christian Louboutin7, the designer whose shoes have red soles, is French so I cannot buy these either.  I like nice shoes but have always thought that if I was trying to impress I would take red nail varnish to the soles of my shoes rather than pay his prices. I once took red spray paint and glitter to a pair of shoes so as I could go to a fancy dress party as Dorothy, I didn’t do the soles though, and it made the shoes painful to wear as they were so stiff.

I didn’t realise Kurt Geiger8 is a UK company which sells designer shoes.  It is also a multinational; it has 170 stores globally, so I won’t be shopping there any time soon.

I have a few pairs of shoes from Office9, but Office too is a multinational, they have stores in the US, Eire and Germany.

Ted and Muffy10&11, is a shoe shop I have never heard of but appears to have changed its name from Duo.  It operates internationally on its website but all its physical stores are in the UK.  I think that means that by the definition given in the first post it is NOT a multinational.

Ecco12 is by its very nature a multinational as it was started by Karl Toosbury, in Denmark and is now a global company.
Jones the Bootmaker 13, really has been making boots since 1857 but is now owned by the Macintosh Retail Group which has many outlets in France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Belgium. 

Dr Marten’s14 has recently opened a store on Princes St and as I suspected is a multinational.  It makes most of its shoes and boots in Asia and has stores on every continent in the World.

Now for some shops specific to Edinburgh:-
Ooh Ruby Shoes15 in Brunstfield, only sells women’s shoes.  It opened in 2008 and appears to be unique.
Barnets Shoes16 on the High Street is another shoe shop which doesn’t look as if it is a multinational but it doesn’t say on its website.  I will let you know, when I find out for certain!

Just to recap if you are avoiding multinationals stick to Russell and Bromley2, Ted and Muffy,10&11 Ooh Ruby Shoes15 and Barnets Shoes16 if you have a shoe crisis.

I just realised I omitted to mention Shuropody which is a UK only company it provides podiatry services and sells shoes for people with foot problems, they all look really comfy!

A friend also pointed out there is a shoe shop called Charles Clinkard which has three shops in Scotland. In Kirkcaldy, Glasgow and Sterling Mills plus many more in the rest of the UK!




    1. Charles Clinkard are UK retailers and have a store in Kirkcaldy and at Sterling Mills

    2. Thanks handclapping. I know I am missing companies. This is a very Edinburgh centric blog.