Sunday, 2 August 2015


I am taking about shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, fake tan, dipilatory cream etc.  Most of my bathroom stuff is running out and I am at the stage where I am going to have to take the lid off and scoop it out manually.  They are all so gloopy quite a lot sticks to the sides and you cannot get it all, probably on purpose, so you buy more!  Anyway I thought I would look up chemists, pharmacies and health and beauty places to see where I can buy replacements.  

Although I am at the pharmacy regularly to get replacement medication I tend to get other things at Boots1 but I have just looked it up. Guess what? It is a multinational! It is part of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.  So I will not be going there again till Christmas.  I have decided that this project will be running till then.

My nearest chemist where I get my tablets is a Nuchem which is part of the Lindsay & Gilmour Group2 so I can buy things there! Nuchem doesn’t seem have to have a website, it did say in a Wikipedia listing it is a purchasing group for Independent Chemists, but I can’t find that listing again but I think in the case of my local chemists Lindsay and Gilmour took it over but they kept the old name.  Lindsay & Gilmour are family run pharmacy group which has been trading from the same site in Elm Row since 1826. They are based across Central Scotland, Fife and the Scottish Borders. 

I am going to cover what I can buy in my next post! I am thinking it won’t be much as the makers of all my products are P & G and other big companies!

Another group of chemists I would be okay to use are the Apple3 pharmacies; they have 12 stores across Scotland.  I have only seen the one up the Bridges/Newington area. 

I was quite shocked to discover that Lloyds4&5 Pharmacy is a subsidiary of a Multinational.  It is owned by Celesio AG a healthcare provider with businesses across Europe and in Brazil.

I have never seen an Omnicare6 chemist but apparently they exist.  I couldn’t use them anyway as it is an American company.  

Rowlands7 Pharmacy has a chain of more than 500 in the UK, the nearest to me is in Loanhead which is over 5 miles away and is not very convenient since I don’t drive.

The Co-op pharmacies have just been bought over by the Bestway Group8 and rebranded Well9 Pharmacy.  The Bestway Group are a British Pakistani Multinational Conglomerate in the wholesale, banking, cement, financial services, real estate and health care sectors.

Superdrug,10& 11 although mainly dealing with health and beauty products has pharmacies in 225 of its stores. Superdrug is a subsidiary of A.S. Watson Group which is part of the Hong Kong conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings so I will not be using them!

While I am thinking of places to buy shampoo etc I thought of Semichem12.  Scotmid bought this health and beauty chain in 1995 so they would be okay for me.  They do great deals on toilet paper amongst other things so I use my local one quite frequently. 

This brought me on to Lush13 and The Body Shop14.  I had no idea they were such big companies! Lush has 800 shops in 51 countries and The Body Shop has 3,000 in 60 countries.  The later was bought by L’Oreal in 2006.

I am sure I have missed some Pharmacy chains and it would become very boring if I listed every Pharmacy I could find. 

You will have noticed my research is all done on the internet and I am not apologising for that.  If one day this eventually gets turned into a book, which would be nice, I will head to companies house and do it properly!


  9.  (Well)
  12. en.


  1. I think you should stop with the "dilapidation" cream, it ages you.

  2. I have to use it on my armpits as a razor won't fit! You wouldn't want me to have hairy armpits now would you? Especially in this fine summer where we all have our skimpiest clothes on and armpits on show, I wish!

  3. I have no objection to you using a "depilatory" cream where/when necesssary but a "dilapidation" one seems unnecessary as age is doing that anyway :)